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29 Jun - 05 Jul 2020
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Boulder, Colorado, USA
Level 1 SSSex

ISTA Level 1
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience

SPIRITUAL... SEXUAL... SHAMANIC... each of these three areas alone carry enormous potential for liberation, freedom, love and joy as well as charge for shadow and misuse of power. If you are ready to transform your life, this experiential 7-day training is for you! Thousands of people on 5 continents have attended the ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) training over the past decade and have been radically changed for the better by uncovering reactive patterns and transforming them into conscious ways of being.

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a journey

This journey has been an amazing experience that really shifted the way I feel about myself. Learning to integrate the male and female part within myself and see everybody else as both parts gives me a new way to approach others. After the training I really feel the way to honour and stand up for myself, while remaining on touch with physical and emotional body and the sweetness within it. what a journey, what a change, I don’t even want to go back to the way before Thanks for providing this beautiful journey with its deep insights and enormous skills.

no stories

There are no stories I can tell to describe this journey. Imagine you are an ocean with deep waters full of terrifying creatures. You close your eyes and jump in all the way to the bottom. As you come up through the ocean you encounter all these scary things and realize that they aren’t what you thought they were. You hold your breath and trust you will make it through. When you emerge from the depths you realize a beautiful, powerful creature awaits you. And that creature is you.


I am very grateful for all the different processes I went through this week, each one was profoundly transformative, the team provided me the loving safe space to let go of some very old and deep wounds.


ISTA training is of an essential nature. It takes the journey of a human experience into the perspective of healthy empowered being, it offers tools that allow you to heal your body and emotions and therefore enables participants to claim their birth right to truly live life.

an opportunity

ISTA offered me an opportunity and a space to shake up free up and escape into a reality of truth and honesty. It’s a journey I took with abundance of teachers that showed me the way into myself, the real me, my real body, my true pleasure. It made me find ways to beat the fears and illusions awake and realise they are there, it it poured for me a pavement to walk steady on, towards the encounter with myself. ISTA took me with many other and put us in a container, shook that container up again and again, and let us find what was shed, and what was left in each and every one of us. I am now stepping, aware, present and brave towards the most important change that will ever happen to me.

a call in the heart

If you feel a call in your heart to attend this training then go for it… yes, your mind will come up with all kinds of struggles and fears.. but still trust your heart and go for it. It is not just another seminar that fills you with information, but it will touch you deeply within your very soul and then the healing takes place.. a healing from the source, such a sacred place… take the chance and do it for yourself .. for your life!

boundless lessons

There are boundless lessons to take with me from this experience, but perhaps the most precious for me in this moment was to witness the creation of Sacred Space; space where all is held sacred and safe; space without judgement; space made from love. I truly feel that I can carry this with me and recreate it anywhere I want or need. Thank you!

prep school

ISTA provides the training we all needed in prep school. It's the fast track process to healing and awakening! I'm so blessed to have had come across this family. I can never express with words my gratitude and love for my brothers and sisters from ISTA. Namaste!

boundless lessons

The training has been the most powerful and transformative experience I had in my life. It really kicked up my transition towards a more peaceful and aligned life. I am really grateful that I had the courage to be fully immersed in this experience.


What is ISTA Level 1?

Raquel Coelho shares her experience...

DISCLAIMER - This is based on my experience, and everyone's experience is unique, because it's a deep process! [Feel free to share]

I have decided to write this taster for those people who do not know the International School of Temple Arts, for those who feel tuned out when they listen to videos and descriptions about ISTA Level 1, because it's in a language not accessible to them.

I first came across ISTA totally by chance; I was travelling with my beloved in Guatemala and a poster caught my attention. Probably because it had the word sex in it, and because it looked attractive and exotic. David and I signed up as a present to our love, not knowing what the week would be about. We are both grateful we took the plunge, as ISTA L1 is a well-oiled machine!

So why are people so mysterious about ISTA Level 1? Why can't they just give me the curriculum so I can decide if it's for me? The answer is simple; a lot of the transformational work that is done during that week needs to be in context. Out of context, it sounds nuts. I have done 2 Level 1s; once as a participant, and another time as an assistant, and I can guarantee that my learning and journey was unique each time. However, I understand that your mind wants something more palpable, so here goes.

In one sentence - ISTA Level 1 is the education every human being should get when growing up.

Boundaries - Do you ever feel like you should have said no, but ended up saying yes? This relates to #metoo, but it also relates to those times when you accept too much responsibility at work, when you give a friend a shoulder although you really don't have the emotional strength at that moment, and other situations in which you are not clear about your boundaries and end up feeling depleted. ISTA Level 1 explores this expertly from different angles, so even if you think you are brilliant with your boundaries (and the boundaries of others), you'll become better.

Tools - Even if you are content and emotionally switched on, there is space to become happier, more connected to your feelings, desires, fears, dreams. Exploring anger was one of the more difficult challenges for me, precisely because I am pretty joyful. In a nutshell, the tools involve using your voice and body movements to let energy move through you. I'm sure at a moment of stress, you've stretched out your arms, or have gone for a walk. This is the next level and has much more impact.

The thing is not the thing - Whenever you feel angry that someone arrived late, frustrated about a decision made at work… you are becoming a victim of that thing or story. You might not be able to change how late that person is, but you can change how it affects you. ISTA L1 teaches you how to move into your power and break this cycle of victimhood. It takes practice post-training, but you are given tools.

Honesty - We are brought up to be polite, and this can get in the way of honesty. Since our first ISTA L1, my beloved and I have had some seriously deep and painful conversations, which have brought us to beautiful places. Sometimes you feel unsure about being upset about something someone did, but here's the trick, you can tell them that! You can be honest about how it makes you feel, instead of blaming them for it. The key is to be clear that it is not a competition, it is not an attack. Put yourself in that vulnerable place of "I love you, and I'm not sure why this triggers me, but when you xxx I felt xxx", keeps the channels of communication open, and you will be surprised how things shift in most of your relationships. You also have to accept that some people are still stuck in fight or flight mode, so you might not have such a successful honest conversation.

You are not your story - I'll take a simple example. Everyone feels that at some point their parents didn't make the best decision (even if like me, you think that overall your parents are incredible and did a brilliant job raising you). Guess what, you are a whole human being, you have yourself. You are your own mother, your father, you design your story from now on. Everyone has traumas (to different levels and degrees), and it can feel like you are messed up for good, but you are not. More and more research is going into neuroplasticity, so we have the ability to rewire through a change in habits, and like William Ernest Henley says in his poem Invictus, you are the master of your own fate, you are the captain of your soul.

Why is it so expensive? You will have a full-time one-week experience with 3 expert facilitators who will support you 24/7 during the week, and a number of assistants (number depends on size of group), accommodation, full board… so surely this costs money. ISTA might sound alien to you, but it is made up of human beings who pay bills.

There are numerous more gifts (and each of them more powerful) you will receive with this training, but I don't know how to explain them in all their awesomeness without you actually being there. So, take the plunge, and you will love me and yourself for it!


What is ISTA?

International School of Temple Arts

ISTA is a transmission of the life force, clothed in love and expressing creatively in the world. ISTA is part of a global transformational movement where human consciousness is being opened to its source as love and harmoniously integrating with other sentient kingdoms and dimensions.

In particular ISTA works with spirituality and sexuality as two expressions of the life force. Our vision is a world where humans have a peaceful, delightful, shameless, fearless and loving relationship with their own bodies, sexuality, emotions, hearts, minds and spirit.

ISTA is a modern synthesis of: a) a spiritual transmission - a satsang of being b) a mystery school where the Temple Arts are taught c) a new era business and creative community who are networked together globally and sharing resources in innovative ways. ISTA collaborates with many groups, organizations, and communities in various locations around the world.

We implement our vision by generating a living, loving culture amongst ourselves, then propagating this culture and educating others through conferences, trainings and other events around the globe. Most organizations have a mission statement, a business plan with clear goals, budgets and strategies to achieve them. This will not work with the type of organism ISTA is - or not by itself. To be truly transformative we harmonize Awareness on what we are desiring to achieve, with Presence of who we are. A simple symbol for this is the word EARTH which has the H or the goal at the end. If we shift it to the beginning we get Heart.

Once we are anchored in the heart then we can gently focus outward again and the result is HeartH.

ISTA is a Hearth where the fire of spirit has been lit. This can be uncomfortable for people who are used to living in the prevailing earth culture. They want to know Why we are doing it, What we are doing, Who makes the decisions, How do we measure results and How much will they get paid? Our answer to this is often simply - we do not know!! What we do know, is that if we keep building the fire in the hearth then more and more people gather round. And, when they do, we share with them about building fire. We integrate the masculine energy of initiating, direction, and focus with the feminine qualities of living in the mystery, building relationships, and flow.

ISTA is committed to raising consciousness & sexuality education across the globe to grow community, provide conferences, events, and trainings to individuals, practitioners and teachers, and to provide business tools and collaborations to support the emergence of the Temple Arts around the world.

ISTA is a non-profit educational organization since 2007. What started as gatherings of teachers and practitioners quickly evolved a collaboration of empowered individuals representing every continent, to become a vehicle that connects experts from around the globe and now operates worldwide in over 30 countries.

ISTA's mission in the world is the propagation of a culture of love and freedom. We work to truly integrate the different facets of what it is to be a fully functional human being. We focus on liberating the life force energy that underlies both consciousness and form alike. We work quite deeply with sexuality because this is one of the areas where that life force is collectively blocked or distorted. We also pay deep attention to new models of sharing power, which builds trust and generates synergy. 

Money is the third area in that trinity of Money, Sex and Power that clearly needs our attention on this planet to help manifest a culture of love and freedom we all serve. Sexual energy linked to heart and consciousness is powerful. Financial energy linked to heart and consciousness is also powerful. After many years of ISTA operating largely on the goodwill of benefactors and volunteering we celebrate that we are now generating a positive cash flow. We have been carefully considering for some time how best to not only use these resources but also how to create protocols that encourage their effective use in empowering and educational ways. Ways that transform financial energy as an expression of love. (Janine MacDonald)

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- 7 day / 6 night accommodations
- 3 meals per day
- Full day transformational process and teachings
- Note: Airfare and airport transfers are not included

To reserve your spot at the best tier ASAP: Deposit: $470 US
(use the link to send your deposit, then contact us to let us know you sent your deposit)

NOTE: To save on fees, you can PayPal $450 directly to as Friends & Family (don't forget to indicate your name, the location of the training, and date of the training)

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Super early bird (FULLY BOOKED) 1947 USD
Early bird (Limited spots, until 4/29) 2147 USD
Regular 2347 USD
Repeater 1747 USD
Assistant 1747 USD
Youth (under 25) (Base rate minus Leah Fund sponsorship) 1947 USD


A commitment to the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience is a deep commitment to yourself. It is assumed that, if you feel drawn to this training, it is no accident. If for some reason you become unable to attend, you have the following options:

1. Your deposit/payment can be transferred in full to a future ISTA training organized by Philippe without any administration fees applied.

2. Your deposit/payment can be transferred to a future ISTA training minus $150 admin fee if over 30 days before the date of the training.

3. Your deposit/payment can be transferred to a future ISTA training minus the full deposit if under 30 days before the date of the training.

Please notify us immediately in the event that you find yourself needing additional time to prepare for this unique experience. Also note that bank charges from payments made via PayPal and or international transfers are the responsibility of the participant.


We endeavor to make this powerful training available to as many people as possible, bringing in top leaders in the fields of sacred sexuality, personal development, tantra, and shamanism. After core costs are paid 25% of tuition costs go to support the non-profit organization ISTA in its ongoing growth of the field of consciousness and sexuality around the globe. The remaining 75% is divided between coordinators and the 3 facilitators (who are all responsible for covering their own travel costs).

Tuition for students includes teachings, accommodation, meals but excludes travel to the venue.

Spaces are limited on this retreat and registration will close once we have reached maximum capacity to ensure a supportive participant/assistant/facilitator ratio. If you are strongly interested in attending, please notify us through this site so we can keep you informed of availability. You can reserve directly through this website through PayPal above

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