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13 - 19 Jul 2020
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Toronto, Canada
Level 1 SSSex

ISTA Level 1
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience

SPIRITUAL... SEXUAL... SHAMANIC... each of these three areas alone carry enormous potential for liberation, freedom, love and joy as well as charge for shadow and misuse of power. If you are ready to transform your life, this experiential 7-day training is for you! Thousands of people on 5 continents have attended the ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) training over the past decade and have been radically changed for the better by uncovering reactive patterns and transforming them into conscious ways of being.

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IMAGE: Artist And Shaman Between Two World (1980)- Norval Morrisseau, Indigenous Canadian artist of the Ojibwa Nation

Have you ever felt CAUGHT between TWO worlds?

Between your TRUE SELF and who you are being told you ought to be?


Live a life with more POWER, PLEASURE, and PURPOSE in true LOVE!



This 7-day experiential training – taking place at a rustic-chic retreat on ancient Indigenous lands in Ontario’s beautiful Haliburton Highlands – is your invitation to:

Let go of past DRAMAS and TRAUMAS

Dive deep into SELF

Expand your capacity for PLEASURE

Thousands of people on 5 continents and in over 40 countries have attended ISTA trainings over the past 10 years.

Many have been radically changed by uncovering reactive patterns and transforming them into conscious and more loving ways of being.

This immersive experience focuses on clearing the physical and emotional body of shame, guilt, and fear related to your sexuality and authenticity.

This training draws upon the rich histories, ceremonies, rituals of healing and initiations of the Ancient Temple Arts, including Tantra, Taoist and Shamanic traditions. Modern modalities and tools are also used.

In this training, you will be guided to integrate all aspects of your BEING: mind, body, sexuality, emotions, and spirit.

You will reconnect, deepen and remember the sacredness of who you are as a sexual and sensual being.

This will all take place in a SACRED, SEX POSITIVE and SAFE container.

What is ISTA and testimonials:

👉 Scroll down for more specific information about this training and pricing.



This training is open to ALL who are called.

No prior knowledge of shamanism or sacred sexuality is necessary to participate fully.

A wide range of people participate in ISTA trainings:

Participants range in age from 18 to 80 and come from varied backgrounds, all sexual orientations, and are gender fluid or trans.

They come from many different religions, races, and nationalities.

ISTA Graduates are doctors, lawyers, engineers, journalists, and other professionals.

They are also students and artists.

Participants also include those from the various spiritual paths and sexual/relational paths of celibacy, monogamy, and polyamory.

Some people take this training for their own personal evolution, to gain a deeper self-connection and to enrich their relationships and empower their lives.

Others are interested in exploring how it will add to their own professional life.

And some are interested in the professions of Sacred Sexual Practitioner or Sexuality Educator.

Couples, individuals and relationship groups of any formation are welcome, as are individuals of any sexual orientation and gender identity. The greater mix of prior experiences the richer the training!

This training is a JOURNEY through life's CORE experiences and wounds.

And this, the human condition, is UNIVERSAL



Through the training practices and experiences, you will find:

How to be whole and EMBODIED again.

How to live life with more passion, pleasure, purpose and in true LOVE.

Your AUTHENTIC way of being and belonging in the world that doesn’t compromise your TRUTH and allows you to experience LOVE and CONNECTION with others.

Ways to love yourself and to feel the healing power of PLEASURE.



By the end of this 7-day training, you will have a new or renewed realization that you are love and freedom embodied.

You will be better able to let go of past dramas and traumas, expand your capacity for pleasure, transform your Shadow into an ally and define and honour your healthy boundaries.

You will feel MORE:

In touch with your body
Aliveness and presence
Aware of your patterns and how to change them
Awareness of your emotions and how to hold them
Relaxed and lighter
Easily be able to drop into the effortless flow of life, no matter what it looks like



This training is about expanding beyond your comfort zone while discovering and honoring your healthy boundaries.

Nudity and intimate touch are optional parts of this training.

It is possible to complete the entire training without touching another person.

The cornerstone of this work is about consent, developing healthy boundaries and communication.

You are always at choice and the facilitators will help you navigate what is authentic for you.



You will be guided, inspired and supported by not one, but THREE highly skilled international teachers.

This is unique to ISTA.

They will support you professionally and with LOVE and COMPASSION.

You will also have the additional support of a team of Assistants who will further support your journey and hold loving space for your healing and celebrations.



👉 Please read this DISCLAIMER before registering:

This is an individual process that happens in a group environment and a level of ability to be self-responsible is needed to navigate the spiritual sexual shamanic space. ISTA is a mystery school and approaches trauma from the shamanic perspective of connecting with the body and soul. We recommend that if there is known deep-seated trauma, individuals seek one on one sessions and get the ok from their therapist before entering the group process.

I understand and recognize that some of the content in the ISTA trainings and exercises is of spiritual and sexual nature. I agree that what happens to me during the group, training or outside of session processes stays under my control and the ISTA teachers, session givers and organizers are not in any way held responsible.



Toronto’s first ISTA training will be held at Footprints Resort, a boutique resort in the Haliburton Highlands – a beautiful hilly area made up of lush forests and stunning lakes on the southern tip of Algonquin Park (one of the province's largest provincial parks).

Footprints Resort is located 2 hours from Toronto and Ottawa and 3 hours from Montreal.

The resort esthetic is rustic chic with very modern and tastefully designed and decorated Villas, cedar cabins and hotel-like rooms.

Located on a private lake with a beautiful dock, the resort also has two hot tubs, Cabanas, comfy lounge areas and a beautiful common living and dining area that overlooks the lake.

Video tour:




This training will take place on ancient Indigenous lands.

For thousands of years, the land has been known as the Highlands. First Nations called it, "(o)gidaaki". Gidaa means upwards and ki means earth – upwards earth. Still called the highlands today.

They have found in the area stone carvings and tools dating back 7,000 years.

These lands were home to the Mississauga, the Nipissing, the Ojibwa, and the Algonquin First Nations.

To acknowledge this deep history and the First Nations of this area, the training promo imagery will honour the work of world-renowned Indigenous Canadian artist of the Ojibwa Nation, Norval Morrisseau.



This training draws upon the rich histories, ceremonies, rituals of healing and initiations of the Ancient Temple Arts, including Tantra, Taoist and Shamanic traditions.

You will receive information, guidance and lots of experiential practice around:

Boundaries and consent
Emotional release
Neurological reprogramming
Learning to work with energy and owning your desires and the ability to manifest
Balancing your inner masculine and feminine
Conscious communication
Conscious and sacred touch
Powerful sexual clearing and activation processes

ISTA trainings also utilize these therapeutic tools:

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
NVC (Nonviolent Communication)
Gestalt dialoguing

*Important to note regarding the use of the terms masculine and feminine:
ISTA does not operate from a place of duality and gender separation. ISTA realizes that we are all masculine and feminine regardless of our physical form. These terms are used as an effective model for understanding the different energies or qualities within each of us. They do not translate to men and women or male and female.



Spiritual, Sexual & Shamanic…each of these three areas alone carry a potential charge for shadow and misuse of power, but together they have enormous potential for liberation, freedom, love, and joy.

Erotic energy is your creative life-force energy – the most powerful energy we have access to.

In this training, you will be introduced to ways to utilize your erotic energy for healing, manifestation, and connection to the Divine.

Exploring your sexuality in a sacred and safe container is a fast path to discovering your challenges and gifts around the expression of your personal power.



ISTA trainings unfold within a powerful group process based on safety, respect, trust, unconditional love, intimacy and radical acceptance of what is arising in each other.

The experiences shared together in this container often create a bond and connection with fellow participants that go well beyond the training.

ISTA is not only a program of healing and transformation, but it is also a strong and loving community and Tribe.

There are many active and connected ISTA communities on social media and in real communities around the world.

By the end of your training, you will inherit an international Tribe.

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Pricing includes:
the 7-day training (including all taxes)
*co-lodging accommodation in a double occupancy room
3 delicious and nutritious meals per day
all course materials during the event.

*Co-lodging – All rooms are double occupancy and will be shared with one other person. You will either have a solo queen bed or a shared king bed. Mostly couples and friends will co-sleep.

The Leah Fund - partial scholarships available – Application required, contact Carolyn for details

Fund testimonials:



Three delicious and nutritious meals a day will be provided.

The menu will predominantly be vegetarian, with vegan options and some meat and fish.

We do our best to accommodate food allergies/sensitivities such as dairy and gluten-free intolerances.



To secure your spot, a deposit of $750 CAN is required.

The balance is due 30 days prior to the start of the training.

👉 Please email Carolyn at to register.


Super early bird (FILLED ) 2145 CAD
Early bird (FILLED) 2295 CAD
Regular (FILLED) 2495 CAD
Repeater (FILLED ) 1750 CAD


All prices are per person.
Fees exclude any transportation costs to and from the venue.
Any PayPal sevice fees are the responsibility of the participant


A commitment to the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience SSSEx is a deep commitment to yourself.

It is assumed that, if you feel drawn to this training, it is no accident.

If for some reason you are unable to attend, you have the following options:

1. Your deposit/payment can be transferred in full to a future ISTA training organized by Carolyn without any administration fees applied.

2. Your deposit/payment can be transferred to a future ISTA training minus $150 admin fee if over 30 days before the date of the training.

3. Your deposit/payment can be transferred to a future ISTA training minus the full deposit if under 30 days before the date of the training.

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