Welcome to ISTA Norway

Level 1 - 15h of August

ISTA Level 1 - will take place, by the lake,
at the mountain hilltop amazing venue in Norway.
Welcome to pioneer this internationally renowned training, 
in the land of the midnight sun with us.

Norway’s incredible glacial landscape, with 50,000 islands,
mountains springing straight from the sea, fjords of unfathomable depths,
rushing waterfalls and deep, dark forests will be our backdrop as we journey
into the mysteries and wisdom of our own
hearts, bodies and souls.

Join us as we tune into this land’s rich mythology, soaking up the soft golden light
at a time of lingering sunsets. We will be held inside a fairytale forest,
and take an adventure for the senses attuning to the wilderness and coming alive
to our power, beauty and love.
Please reach out if you feel the call
to join us or have questions.


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