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Nimai SunRa

Faculty Apprentice Organizer

apprenticeship with Komala Lyra, Rex Rafiq and Crystal Dawn.

Nimai SunRa is a peace walker, A server of the great mother. A part of a global community of peace seekers through the act of love.

Nimai is facilitating and leading different inner journeys around the world.
Navigating and bridging between the worlds of modern and ancient Shamanism and the worlds of communication and tantric journeys.                                         Driven by a desire to create paradigm shift across the world, Nimai focus is to live and to learn the ways to truly live in an unconditional love. He believes that when we are able to change the story we live in and go out of our inner maze releasing the fear of pain in love, we are truly able to live life free and in our full expression. changing the old story into something new. coming back home.

Nimai has spend the past years living between India, South & Central America, Israel and Portugal. studiying with many teachers and masters and shamans around the world. He has explored the topics of tantra, of sexuality, relationships, free-love and global peace, within the inspirational global peace community, Tamera. He has also studied under the guidance of Gaia Ma, (co-founder of "Inanitah community" and the Tantric Way Series) and is an faculty apprentice in ISTA - international school of temple arts.

Currently Nimai is in the process of building a new community-tribe that moves with a global vision of love. The centre of this community will provide a safe and open space for people to go through their healing and transformation processes. He is a facilitator of men's circles and retreat journeys around the topics of love, gender issues and roles in society. He also offers couples guidance as invitations for more people to step onto the path of love. The path of life living in deep resonance to our core desires, honoring and loving all living beings.

Nimai is the creator of the Re/MEN/ber journey with Frank Mondose - a 6 days men journey into the inner mystery of our path.

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