ISTA Trainings

ISTA Level 1
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience

SPIRITUAL... SEXUAL... SHAMANIC... each of these three areas alone carry enormous potential for liberation, freedom, love and joy as well as charge for shadow and misuse of power. If you are ready to transform your life, this experiential 7 or 8 day training is for you! Thousands of people on 5 continents have attended the ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) training over the past decade and have been radically changed for the better by uncovering reactive patterns and transforming them into conscious ways of being.

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ISTA Level 2
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation

We begin the work with Level 1 once the decision is made that this is the way we actually want to live and not just a peak experience on a workshop. Level 2 guides the participant through a series of self – initiations that say goodbye to old patterns of relating and anchor the identity in the deep self that is already free, inherently loving and dynamically creative in the world. This week provides the teachings and experiences we didn’t receive around our spirituality, our relationship with the transpersonal and its integration with the personal and universal.

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ISTA Level 3
Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Seeding

Welcome to the new ISTA Level 3, SSSEED. This offering is for those wanting to explore and express their essential divinity. SSSex supports the integrated functioning of an authentic personality. SSSin supports the initiation into the transpersonal and archetypal energies of the soul. SSSeed helps you stand fully in the world bringing the unique gift that only you can bring and yet at the same time staying deeply connected to the one life at the core.

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Practitioner Training Program

Continuing Personal Growth Education Towards Professional Development for ISTA Graduates. Our aim is to support the graduates of ISTA to further their knowledge and transform their lives and careers into the field as skilled practitioners to facilitate sessions for somatic sexual healing. In the ISTA Practitioner Training (ISTA-PT) we synthesize the powerful tools taught in the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience with essential skills needed to guide powerful hands-on sexual transformational methods woven together over years of experience and developing the field of practitioner work.

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